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plastic squeezing machine pelletizing machine

  • Category:plastic squeezing machine
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  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • material:recycling waste film,woven bag,fabric,nylon......
  • water less than2%,final product has semi-Plasticizing and full-plasticizing
  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • Product Manual:plastic squeezing machine pelletizing machine

Product Description:

Plastic film woven bag squeezing dehydrator is mainly used for squeezing and dewatering LDPE plastic film, PP plastic ton bags, cement bags, snake belts, space bags, PA fishing nets and other light and soft plastics.

Due to the light volume and light weight of this kind of material, such as material jamming, shaft winding, and non-drying when used in traditional dehydration machines, the company's squeezing machine introduces Taiwanese technology and adopts the principle of spiral extrusion dehydration, which is an improvement on the original design. , Upgrade, the material can be squeezed out by the screw, the tightness can be adjusted freely (the tightness of the discharge port determines the moisture content), the dehydration and drying rate can reach more than 98%, the operation is simple, and the squeezing effect is good.

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