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plastic shredder recycling machine

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  • type:single shaft shredder
  • blades material: SKD11/D2
  • capacity:200-10000 kg/h
  • type:single shaft shredder
  • Product Manual:plastic shredder recycling machine,waste plastic recycling machine ,plastic shredder single shaft shredder machine,double shaft shredder machine,waste plastic recycling shredding machine.

plastic shredder recycling machine 

plastic Single Shaft Shredder Machine:

1. this machine is suitable to treat the big size of plastic product ,such as big diameter plastic pipe ,pressing plastic film and others 

2. the blade base and blade on the rotary roller can be disassembly .it is easy to clean and maintenance .

3. the rotary blade adopt the Vdesign ,It can decrease the noise and decrease energy consumption .

4. each rotary blade with 4 cutting knife edge ,when the rotary blade is weared ,it can be rotated to 90 degree , then the blade can continous use 

5. each fixed blade with 2 cutting knife edge ,when the fixed blade is weared ,it can be rotated to 180 degree , then the blade can continous use . 

6. the main axis is drived by gearbox , ,its running very stably ,low noise and strong power . 

7. the material push feeding system is hydraulic ways , ,its running very stably 

8. the machine is control by PLC system ,.the blade can rotated in opposite direction ,and also can close automatic if something unexpected happen , with very high safety service


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