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plastic shredder machine crusher machine

  • Category:single shaft shredder machine
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  • capacity:200-10000kg/h
  • material:recycling material
  • motor: famous brand
  • capacity:200-10000kg/h
  • Product Manual:plastic shredder machine crusher machine

Product Descriptions:

1. Distribution box: transmission gear has a long service life after forging and high-frequency quenching;

2. Fixed knife: The fixed knife plays the role of guiding the material and preventing the material from returning to the belt after being broken; cleaning the scraper

3. Fixed knife holder: fixed knife function, optimized tool change function, making tool maintenance and replacement more.

4 Seal: The unique sealing structure can protect the machine even when handling liquid materials.

5 Bearing seat: The bearing seat adopts a split type, which can quickly disassemble the cutter shaft, blade, sealing system, bearing and other parts, which is easy to maintain and replace the tool.

6. Movable knife: D2 is used for overall quenching and tempering after multiple heat treatments. The hardness and toughness of the tool material are the same inside and outside, with high strength and service life. The tool can be used repeatedly. On the basis of the original thickness, the tool with the blunt edge can still be used proportionally.

7. Cutter shaft: After quenching and tempering, high-strength materials are used for high-frequency treatment, and the plastic pallet shredder is directly operated, and then the hexagon is milled, so that the force exerted on the cutter is not afraid of damage.

8. The feeding hopper and frame can be designed reasonably according to customer requirements.

9. The machine is controlled by PLC to ensure shredding efficiency and control power, which is easy to operate.

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