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plastic mixer unit

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  • materials:PVC powder
  • type:hot and cold
  • capacity:200-1000 kg/h
  • materials:PVC powder
  • Product Manual:plastic mixer unit

Product Description:

This unit is composed of seven parts: pot body, pot cover, transmission, base, lifting, discharge port and electric control box. The pot body is welded by stainless steel, the inner surface is smooth and hard, and it is not easy to stick to the material. There are heating jackets and resistance heating coils on the outer surface of the pot. The temperature is transferred to the pot body through the high ignition point heat conduction oil in the heating jacket, so that the pot body is evenly heated. Adjusting the heating temperature can control the temperature of the material in the pot. Asbestos insulation layer is outsourcing. There is a cooling jacket on the wall of the cold mixing pot, and the cooling effect is achieved through the circulation of cooling water.

The pot cover is made of aluminum alloy. The inner surface has been finely turned and polished. After being lifted by the cylinder, it can rotate horizontally and clockwise along the vertical axis of rotation. It rotates briskly and is easy to use. The cover material has holes for adding resin, plasticizer, and stabilizer. Users can arrange them according to their needs. There is a vent hole in the middle. In order to prevent accidents caused by the rotation of the stirring paddle when the lid is not properly closed, (the contactor and the solenoid valve have a locking function, that is, the contactor cannot work when the lid solenoid valve is working). When the lid is not tightly closed, the switch is not turned on and the motor cannot be started.

Scope of application
Products are widely used in fine chemicals, feed, electronics, food, hard materials, ceramic materials, biology, medicine, non-metallic mining, building materials, coatings, dyes, fertilizers and metal powders. They have good mixing and shear crystalline powder. , Batch product mixing, mixing liquid into solid.

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