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plastic granule machine

  • Category:PP PE film granule making machine
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  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • material:recycling waste film,woven bag,fabric,nylon......
  • cooling way:by water
  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • Product Manual:plastic granule machine

Product Description:
1, recycled plastic as raw material, after crushing by crusher machine then whole materials broken materials into flake material, after washing and drying processing, control the materials moisture content  in 4%, then the material sent to the aggregate machine to aggregate, will gather material in granular, grain diameter size for 0.3 2 cm, between material packing density of 600-1000 kg/m3 complete material handling;

2. Feed the recycled waste plastics, heavy calcium carbonate and organic solvents into the plastic granulator. Catalyze the reaction between the organic solution and the recycled waste plastics and fully mix them to get the composite materials.

3. The composite material is input into the screw electrothermal melting machine for heating and further mixing. After heating, the composite material becomes thick and is pushed to the exit by the screw rotation;

4. Take down the thick composite material from the outlet and transfer it to the steel mold of the oil press or hydraulic press working platform according to the mold volume for strong pressing;

5. Extrude, run the extrusion device on the plastic granulator to extrude the recycled waste plastics after softening to obtain recycled plastics;

6, granulating, running the granulating device on the plastic granulator, cutting the extruded recycled plastic into granules.

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