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plastic films woven bags squeezer machine plastic pelletizing machine

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  • material type:pp pe film recycling material
  • plastic film squeezing and pelletizing
  • capacity:200-800 kg/h
  • material type:pp pe film recycling material
  • Product Manual:1.This plastic squeezer is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bags, nylon etc.
    2.The granules after squeezer the moisture content is 3%
    3.The final product size

plastic films woven bags squeezer machine plastic pelletizing machine

Film extrusion machine woven bag extrusion dry plasticizing and pelletizing machine

PP PE film wringer

The squeezing and granulating machine developed by our company integrates the functions of three machines, such as dewatering machine, dryer and granulator, which simplifies the process of squeezing and granulating the film woven bag. The machine adopts electromagnetic heating and fast heating. Stable, greatly saving energy and machine investment costs, and improving production efficiency. After the film woven bag is broken and cleaned, the moisture content is very high. The water granulation has higher requirements on the machine heating system, the motor load is large, the output is low, the granulator equipment is difficult to operate normally and stably, and the economic benefit is low. Our company has developed a squeezing and granulating machine for this kind of washed film material. The machine adopts the principle of extrusion dewatering granulation, plastic film (including plastic film, plastic film, PP woven bag, snakeskin bag, space bag). After washing, the water can be quickly squeezed and granulated.

Squeezing machine can increase the exhaust device to make the material more compact and the extrusion particle size uniform

The water film can be squeezed out and finally extruded into a cake. Then break into the granulator

Or squeeze the water and directly squeeze into semi-melt irregular particles, crush and then enter the granulator

Production includes 500 kg per hour and 1000 kg per hour

Squeezing machine features:

1. Special gearbox structure, special screw design, special extrusion principle, can be continuously produced;

2. After squeezing, the material is directly into 3-5cm irregular coarse grain, without any moisture;

The extruded water flows out of the mesh, and the material is subjected to excessively high-strength extrusion friction to generate heat, and then can be lightly plasticized by secondary heating of the die. Finally, it is directly formed by blade dicing;

3. Does not affect the original fat solubility index of the material.

4. After squeezing the granulator, it can be directly put into the granulator for granulation without the need of a forced feeder.

Main technical parameter:




















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