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plastic films washing line with no water washing

  • Category:plastic film washing recycling machine
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  • material:waste plastic films
  • with no water washing
  • capacity:200-10000 kg/h
  • material:waste plastic films
  • Product Manual:plastic films washing line with no water washing

The plastic films washing line with on water washing and recycling woven bags are mainly for the recycling of used waste woven bags. Turn waste into treasure and save limited resources.
The concept of waterless cleaning and recycling equipment for woven bags is to protect the environment, save energy and reduce consumption, bring greater benefits to the enterprise, and reduce the labor intensity of workers. This kind of equipment has not been used in China for a long time. High degree of automation (Siemens PLC automatic control), there are certain technical requirements for the operation of woven bag waterless cleaning and recycling equipment.
Waterless cleaning and recycling equipment for woven bags

configuration list:

1. Belt feeding machine

2. Crusher

3. Screw feeder

4. Feeder

5. Seal cleaning machine

6. Seal cleaning machine

7. Impurity separation, dust removal equipment, gas-solid separation screen

8, air delivery, silo

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