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plastic films samming machine plastic squeezing machine plastic pelletizing machine

  • Category:plastic squeezing machine
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  • material type:pp pe film recycling material
  • plastic film squeezing and pelletizing
  • capacity:200-800 kg/h
  • material type:pp pe film recycling material
  • Product Manual:1.This plastic squeezer is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bags, nylon etc.
    2.The granules after squeezer the moisture content is 3%
    3.The final product size

plastic films samming machine plastic squeezing machine plastic pelletizing machine

The single-axis plastic squeeze dry dewatering machine is mainly suitable for the treatment of PE PP PS PA PC TR EPS EVA ABS HDPE LDPE LLDPE APET PET PETG PVC HIPS EVOH TPE TPR TPV and other materials film, silk soft plastic, such as: waste film, Plastic film dehydration, film dehydration, greenhouse film dehydration, woven bags, snakeskin bags, space bags, tons of bags and other soft plastics.

The successful development of the single-axis plastic extruder has solved the market problem of plastic PE film, PE plastic bag, PP snake skin bag, space bag and other soft plastics. It is a new type of equipment that is indispensable in the process of crushing, washing and recycling waste plastic film and woven bag.

The application of plastic squeeze machine in the plastic film recycling industry effectively solves the problem of difficult film dewatering, reduces the difficulty for subsequent granulation production, reduces energy consumption and increases production! Through practice, plastic squeeze dryers also have good performance in woven bag recycling.

The plastic film dewatering granulator squeezes and pulverizes the washed (water-washed) plastic film and woven bag by granulation (water-washed plastic film directly squeezes water into granules), and the set of extrusion dewatering granulator utilizes The special treatment method of hot melt directly melts and melts the washed plastic film into large plastic granules, and can be granulated into the granulator immediately without pulverizing, completely solving the problem that the plastic film is difficult to be dehydrated and difficult to feed. A good assistant for washing plastic film granulation manufacturers. Dewatering granulator (PP, PE plastic) The water-washed film plastic is treated by extrusion and pulverization, and there is about 10% water content. This dewatering granulator uses special treatment of hot melt. The water content is controlled to less than 5%, and it can be granulated immediately without pulverization. 1. The unique principle of squeeze drying and dehydration (squeezing and drying) solves the problem of difficult dehydration of traditional film or filament plastics;
2. Directly extruding the washed plastic film into a large granular shape of plastic;
3, Taiwanese technology, made in China, very cost-effective;
4, using special treatment methods, compared with the original old-fashioned water squeezing machine, greatly saving power consumption and energy;
5, continuous production, high degree of automation;

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