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plastic film woven bags squeezing and granulating machine

  • Category:plastic squeezing machine
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  • type:water-ring type pellet
  • motor:Siemens
  • capacity:200-1500 kg/h
  • type:water-ring type pellet
  • Product Manual:1.This plastic squeezer is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bags, nylon etc.
    2.The granules after squeezer the moisture content is 3%
    3.The final product size

plastic film woven bags squeezing and granulating machine

Working principle and object

This machine adopts the principle of extrusion dehydration, which is to clean the plastic film (plastic film, plastic film, PP woven bag, snake skin bag, space bag, ton bag, thin plastic sheet waste plastic) after cleaning. A device in which the water in the plastic is squeezed clean. Special structure screw device, special reducer, fully automatic extrusion and dehydration for plastic film, plastic film, PP woven bag, snakeskin bag, space bag, ton bag, thin plastic sheet waste plastic device. Squeeze and dry dehydration is fast and effective. It is convenient for the output of subsequent granulation production to increase. The dewatering and dewatering effect reaches 95-9.5% or more (according to the customer's subsequent production requirements).

Product advantages

1. The unique principle of squeeze drying and dehydration solves the problem of difficult dehydration of traditional film plastics;

2, the effect of squeezing is good: more than 95% guaranteed;

3, advanced technology, low energy consumption, low noise, simple operation, safety, etc.

4, mechanical extrusion dewatering, compared with the original hot air drying, greatly save space and energy;

5, the total installed power: 140kw, the actual power consumption is about 70%.

6. Cooling water is about 1 ton per hour.

The raw material is waste plastic films woven bags and so on

The final product is compress film with pelletizing

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