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plastic film squeezing granulator machines waste plastic recycling drying plant

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  • material type:pp pe film recycling material
  • plastic film squeezing and pelletizing
  • capacity:200-800 kg/h
  • material type:pp pe film recycling material
  • Product Manual:1.This plastic squeezer is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bags, nylon etc.
    2.The granules after squeezer the moisture content is 3%
    3.The final product size

Plastic Film squeezing granulator Machines/ waste plastic recycling drying plant

The plastic film extruder is one of the important equipment in the film recycling production line. It is used to squeeze the cleaned film material. With mechanical extrusion dehydration, high torque, barrier-free, easy to maintain machine life, fully automatic features.

The CF-SF380 film dryer can process 800 to 1000 kg of material per hour. The type of reducer for the extruder is determined by the output. Unclean materials can be reduced to * by washing and then transferring them to our extruder. Therefore, the secondary energy consumption can be minimized.

The machine is made from heavy plates by gas welding. There is a protective plate around the film squeezer to prevent any danger around the machine for some reason. This machine is designed and developed by us. It is equipped with an electric control cabinet. The feeding port can easily control the effect of squeezing. This machine is specially used to process plastic film, plastic bag, non-woven bag and snakeskin bag. Wait. This mechanical extrusion dewatering solves the drying problem more than conventional hot air drying.

The final moisture of the plastic film material dried by mechanical extrusion is about 10%. This film squeezer has a protective plate around it to prevent any danger around the machine for some reason.

The smashed pieces and film bags that have been crushed by the Pulverizer will be placed in the squeeze dryer. Driven by the reducer, the inner screw pushes the material into the drain compartment. The cylinder is then pressed down by the dynamic pressure chamber to form a new tapered opening with the fixed cone of the press chamber, leaving the material in the drain chamber until there is too much material. The material is then squeezed and excess water is discharged through the drain hole. The up and down movement of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by the current of the reducer. This current can be manually set. When the current is higher than the horizontal current, the hydraulic cylinder raises the silo, so that the material is extruded; when the current is lower than the horizontal current, the hydraulic cylinder will lower the silo, so that the water is discharged, thereby achieving the squeeze Dry effect.

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