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plastic film squeezing dewatering drying and pelletizing machine

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  • material:waste plastic films
  • motor:Siemens
  • color:as customer require
  • material:waste plastic films
  • Product Manual:1.This plastic squeezer is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bag, ton bags, nylon etc.
    2.The granules after squeezer the moisture content is 3%
    3.The final product size

https://www.antronmachine.com/product/plastic-film-squeezing-dewatering-drying-and-pelletizing-machine.html target='_blank'>plastic film squeezing dewatering drying and pelletizing machine


This film squeezer dryer granulator machine is used after the plastic film/plastic agricultural film/PP woven bags/Space bag/tons bags/thin waste plastics plastic sheets washed,using the squeeze dewatering principle,squeeze the water from the plastic by rotating screw.The water will flow out from the bottom,the plastic will get hot by high intensity extrusion friction,and will plasticizing mildly after the mould heating.Finally the blade will cut the granules from the mould.


· Taiwan technology, made in China, high cost performance;

· The granules after squeezer is irregular coarsely granular,moisture content is 3-5%;

· Do not affect the material original dissolve fat index.

· After squeeze dry granulating machine, the material can put into granulator directly,do not need the forced feeding machine

· Mechanical squeeze dewatering, compared with the original hot air drying, do not need use dewatering machine, drying system and the agglomerator machine, it can save the energy greatly.

· Easy to operate, low noise and low consumption and maintenance cost.

Raw Material

The Final Product

The screw and inside parts

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