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plastic film squeezing dewatering and granulator machine

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  • material:waste plastic films
  • plastic film squeezing and pelletizing
  • capacity:200-1500 kg/h
  • material:waste plastic films
  • Product Manual:plastic film squeezing dewatering and granulator machine,PE/PP recycling special screw,screw with compress,screw materia; 38CrMoA1A,Nitrogen trement,hardness HV 680, Nitrogen depth0.4-0.6

plastic film squeezing dewatering and granulator machine


This Film Squeezing Machine is used for drying those washed film, woven bags.etc. and make it like granules. After that the granules can put into the extruder directly.

This machine adopts the principle of extrusion dehydration, which is to clean the plastic film (plastic film, plastic film, PP woven bag, snake skin bag, space bag, ton bag, thin plastic sheet waste plastic) after cleaning. A device in which the water in the plastic is squeezed clean. Special structure screw device, special reducer, fully automatic extrusion and dehydration for plastic film, plastic film, PP woven bag, snakeskin bag, space bag, ton bag, thin plastic sheet waste plastic device. Squeeze and dry dehydration is fast and effective. It is convenient for the output of subsequent granulation production to increase. The dewatering and dewatering effect reaches 95-9.5% or more (according to the customer's subsequent production requirements).

It is a full automatic Squeezing & Pelletizing Machine to the film and woven bags, with the screw squeezing and electrical heating, make the materials have high degree of drying and full plasticizing, low power consumption, high output. The final moisture is only 3-5%. The capacity would be customized according to the requests of clients.

• Introduce products in detail
• Recommend suitable solution
• Offer test

During manufacturing
• Provide layout and engineering conditions
• Offer screw plan and related documents
• Inform the project processing status
• Insure the product designed in accordance with technical document

After-sales service:
• Send engineers to install, test the machines and offer technology guidance and worker training at customers' factory.
• Offer 12 months free maintenance and life long service. After the warranty period, spare parts will be provided at basic cost.
• Build customers database. All machines are traceable.
• Visit customers and make quality trace periodically and take customers' feedback into account during routine practices.
• Speed up service and spare parts supply.


The raw material waste pp pe films

The final product

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