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plastic crushed rigid PP PE making granule pellets recycling machine

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  • material:waste plastic pp pe abs...rigid material
  • material:recycling material
  • motor: famous brand
  • material:waste plastic pp pe abs...rigid material
  • Product Manual:1.Materials:PP PE HDPE LDPE ABS PVC etc.
    2.Shape:crusehed flakes,rigid flakes 3.Pelletizing Way: Pull Strap(Like Noodles) or Water-Ring Hot Die
    4.Extruder: Two Stage or single stage

plastic crushed rigid PP PE making granule pellets recycling machine

1.U-shaped screw feeder guarantees no jamming, hopper has enough space to store materials, saves manpower

Single-screw quantitative feeding system to ensure the feeding amount and to ensure the stability of the main machine current and reduce energy consumption

2. The core of the extruder is the gear box, motor, inverter, barrel and screw and exhaust system. Reducer: Our company uses China's largest gear box manufacturer-Changzhou Guomao's high torque reducer. Add a model on the model to ensure that the gear box does not run under full load when there is a margin in the gear box. The gear box will not be hot for more than 10 years. Motor: Our company adopts the well-known domestic brand Wannan Beide Huaxin Motor. At the same time, we increase the size of the model to ensure that the motor runs under full load with a margin (optional energy-saving motor: servo motor can save 30% of energy). Inverter: ABB is used abroad, and well-known brand Robin Kang is used in China. The purchase price is high but the operation is stable. The dual-cylinder filter system adopts Taiwan Yuanli vacuum pump with high exhaust efficiency. The exhaust system comes with a dump truck. The dual exhaust system can be designed according to customer requirements. Barrel screw Our own design The screw processing factory carries out professional production according to our drawings. The host has a detachable cover, which is environmentally friendly, safe and high-grade.

3. Horizontal water ring pelletizing system: The blade material is high-quality alloy with long service life and variable frequency speed regulation. Assembled knife holder for easy blade replacement. Cutting blade: a group of 2-4 pieces The angle can be adjusted The angle adjustment method is air pressure adjustment (equipped with air pressure adjustment device and barometer), which is especially suitable for PP material cutting. Wannan all aluminum motor, light weight. Comes with a mobile guide rail, which is convenient to start and easy to maintain.

4.Hydraulic screen changer: According to customer requirements, plate, column, screenless and backwash screen changer can be used. Plate type screen change: 1. Quick change time is less than 2 seconds. 2. Adopting advanced pressure adaptive sealing and pressure ring technology (with patent), the sealing element is driven by the pressure of the polymer in front of the net to achieve the sealing effect and solve the long-term problem of melt leakage in the screen changer. 3. The penetrating bolt is connected to the extruder, and the screw can be directly pulled out through the screen changer for easy disassembly. 4. Modular combination, suitable for different standard extruders.
5. The screen changer comes with a cover, which is beautiful and safe. 6. The maximum pressure of the system can reach 35Mpa, and a three-stage automatic alarm is adopted. 7. The hydraulic station has its own energy storage tank.

5. The extended chute is used to cool the cut particles. At the same time, the chute is equipped with a window. The chute water volume can be adjusted and 304 stainless steel is used. The dehydrator comes with a double-layer filter screen for filtering debris to facilitate collection and reuse and prevent material loss. It is recommended to have a chiller when the water in the customer area is expensive.
6. The stainless steel centrifugal dehydrator has a dehydration rate of 98.5%. Dehydrated particles can be sold directly. The special blade design has a long life and can also be used for high calcium particles. Follow-up with vibrating screen and silo according to customer requirements. Enlarge the bottom water tank to ensure particle cooling efficiency.

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