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plastic broken material pellet recycling machine

  • Category:PP PE film granule making machine
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  • material: waste plastic material
  • capacity :100-1500kg/h
  • brand:famous brand
  • material: waste plastic material
  • Product Manual:1.Materials:PP PE HDPE LDPE ABS PVC etc.
    2.Shape:crusehed flakes,rigid flakes 3.Pelletizing Way: Pull Strap(Like Noodles) or Water-Ring Hot Die
    4.Extruder: Two Stage or single stage

plastic broken material pellet recycling machine

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Breaking material pellet machine unit features:
1. Low energy consumption, stable output, low noise, high degree of automation
2. Produce plastic particles full and smooth
3. The company has passed CE, CAS certification and 10 years of export experience.
4. The warranty period is 1 year, and the after-sales experience is rich.

Our company strives for excellence, every part of the machine is meticulous, never cut corners, there are special quality supervision personnel to supervise the production, and strive to make every customer buy the rest assured, use the satisfaction!
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The broken material granule machine recycles and granulates used plastics such as waste, waste, scraps and defective products to make the waste plastics recyclable. The main hard materials are: broken TV shells, broken medicine bottles, broken trash cans and other hard materials. Puri can select standard models according to customers' return materials, and can also design customized models according to different needs of customers.

Broken material granulator application:
1. Plastic raw materials: plastic milk bottles, car bumpers, trash cans, petrol cans, toys and other hard plastics
2. Need to be crushed first in the feeding extruder

This granulator is a single-screw plastic granulator. The main machine is a single-screw extruder, including hydraulic screen changing equipment. The plasticizing effect is good, the output is stable, it can run 24 hours, long life and low energy consumption!

According to different materials, the granulation method can be used to cut the granules with water and cold water, to cut the granules, to cut the granules, etc.
Different prices for different models

Please inform us of the demand for the output, and the material of the material, contact the seller to select the model

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