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plastic PET bottle recycling machine plastic granule pellet making recycling machine

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  • material type:PET bottle PET flakes
  • pelletizing type: noddle type
  • motor: famous brand
  • material type:PET bottle PET flakes
  • Product Manual:1.Suitable for PET bottle flakes
    2.The screw is made of high tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2
    3.double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficie

plastic PET bottle recycling machine plastic granule pellet making recycling machine

The granulation unit is a parallel twin-screw extruder, which can effectively complete the extrusion and granulation of PET recycled raw materials. Its characteristics are mainly as follows: 

1. Coaxial parallel twin-screw extruder barrel, the screw is designed using the building block principle. Manufacturing.

According to the requirements of the processing material system and process formula, the barrel structure, screw arrangement, ring structure, number of exhaust locations, feeding methods, and electrical control methods can be optimized and rationalized.

Realize multi-function and multi-purpose to adapt to processing polymer materials.

2. A new type of deceleration and distribution transmission system, high torque design, high precision gear processing, tooth bearing adopts imported parts, reasonable oil immersion combined with forced lubrication device, and chain protection device to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the host.

3. Make full use of the limited space to design the latest involute spline form mandrel.

Guarantee maximum carrying capacity and achieve high torque transmission.

4. The threaded components adopting computer-aided design are kneaded and conformal.

It has excellent self-cleaning function and good interchangeability.Its specifications include conveying block, mixing block, kneading block, counter-current block and toothed plate, etc., through appropriate and reasonable combination, material transportation, plasticization and shearing can be realized. , Dispersion, homogenization, exhaust, built pressure, etc., to complete the process of polymer materials.

5. According to different states of materials, the feeding system adopts various structural forms, including single screw, twin screw, twin screw non-meshing type, hollow core spring type, two-stage type and metering pump and other volume metering feeding.
It can also be equipped with loss-in-weight metering to complete higher metering requirements.

6. The main parts of the unit's electrical control system are imported and can be designed as: discrete unit control, analog panel display, PLC system, PEC system control, etc. to choose from.
7. The granulation system can adopt various methods to meet the requirements, water-cooled draw bar pelletizing; air-cooled die surface hot-cutting; water ring die surface hot-cutting; eccentric water mist hot-cutting; underwater and underwater die surface hot-cutting.
8.The conventional barrel uses high-quality nitrided steel surface nitriding treatment or high-performance bimetal alloy sleeve, or tool steel bushing, and threaded components are treated with high-quality nitrided steel surface treatment, which is resistant to wear-resistant high-speed tool steel and corrosion resistance. Wear-resistant special surface treatment to adapt to various types of processing.

9. The installation of the whole machine adopts a foundationless method, and the ground can be leveled without cementing, which is very convenient.

10. Adaptation: Filling modification, glass fiber (carbon fiber) enhancement of various color master batches, rubber and plastic blends, plastic alloys, functional master batches, various cable materials, reactive extrusion, devolatilization, powder coatings, etc.

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