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plastic PET bottle granulating pelletizing making recycling machine

  • Product Item:plastic PET bottle granulating pelletizing making
  • Category:PET granule making machine
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  • material:waste plastic filmsbottles
  • motor:Siemens
  • type:water-standard
  • material:waste plastic filmsbottles
  • Product Manual:This machine can carry out ideal viscosity of pet without complicated precrystallization dryer system.only a bit IV will be reduced.It can improve IV in the condition of adding some suitable additive.

This machine can carry out ideal viscosity of pet without complicated precrystallization dryer system.only a bit IV will be reduced.It can improve IV in the condition of adding some suitable additive.

>Suitable for:

--Polymer blending & filling modification

--Engineering polymer & glass fiber reinforcement

--Universal color masterbatch, functional masterbatch

--Special material, powder coatings

--Reactive extrusion, degassing & devolatilization


Parallel & tri-axial structure and dual rack drive system. Gear and shaft made of fine quality material, SKF bearing oil-immersion lubricating system, low oil position & overpressure alarming system. High rotating speed high torque high yield.


Screw Kneading block built on modular principle allows various L/D ratio of screw easily be changed to suit different material. Screw component made of high speed & wear-resisting steel.


By means of the replaceable screw barrel sections, the processing sections is devided into individual zones. The barrels are heated electrically. In addition, the barrels are provided with longitudinal bores for cooling with water. Uniform temperature distribution, namely on the circumference of the eight-shaped barrel bore, is achieved by a reverse force-flow temperature control circuit. Connections of pipes for temperature control are in groove-tongue design to balance alternating thermal stress and avoid leakage.

The screw barrels are made of nitrided steel. In order to increase the service life of the screw barrels, these are provided with wear resistant inserts.

MT series twin-screw extruder application

Mixing modification

PE,PP,PS+SBS,PA+EPDM,PP+NBR,NVA+silicon rubber,ect


Filling modification

PE,PP,EVA,ect+Calcium carbonate,talcum power,titanic powder,

ABS,PC,PS,ect+aluminum hydroxide,magnesium hydroxide,antimony oxide.

PP,PA,ABS+ferrous powder,sulphuric powder,ceramic powder

Functional masterbatch granules

PP,PA,ABS,PBT,ect+burning agent and other auxiliary agents:

combustion-supporting machine pellets

PP,PE,PS ect +starch:de-composing machine pellets

PE+fog-preventing dipper,stabilizer:dual-prevention machine pellets

PE,EVA,ABS+carbon black:black machine pellets

Color masterbatch pellets

PE,PP,ABS,AS,PA,EVA,PET+pigment and auxiliary

Reinforced glass fibres

and carbon fibres

PP,PBT,ABS,AS,PA,PC,POM,PPS,PET,ect+long fibres,small fibres,

carbon fibres,crystals and so on

Various cable materials

HDPE,LDPF,LLDPE,MDPE,EVA,PVCect+Insulating cables,coatings,PE

peroxide,silicon alkyl crossing cables

Special materials

EVA heat-melting glue,polyurethane,fluorin rubber,fluorin plastics,PP

cigarette filtering material and TPR sole material

Reaction extruding

Polyamide condensate,polyamide melting polymerization,polyamide polyethrne-adding,polycarbonate condensate,ect

Exhausting and Volatilization

Polystyrene oxide,high-absorbing resin,chlorine sulphur polyethylene

Powder paint

Polyester,ring oxide,lactide,polyurethane,acrylate

Material :PET clean and dry flakes

The final pellets:

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