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plastic Hdpe pipe lumps block shredder crusher machine

  • Category:single shaft shredder machine
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  • capacity:200-800kg/h
  • material:recycling material
  • motor: famous brand
  • capacity:200-800kg/h
  • Product Manual:plastic Hdpe pipe lumps block shredder crusher machine


1.The single shaft plastic shredder is mainly used in all kinds of hollow or solid plastic material. The shredder machine is suitable to PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC and engineering plastics.

2.This single shaft plastic shredder is new designed especially for shredding various big solid materials, unmanageable materials,
plastic container and barrel, plastic film, plastic pipe, fiber and paper which the normal crusher can not handle.

3.The materials are pushed into the shredding chamber by hydraulic. Independent drive system and solid structure make the running stably.

1. The blade base and blade on the rotary roller can be disassembly. It is easy to clean and maintenance.
2. The rotary blade use V shape installation so that the blade can cut material evenly, it can decrease the noise and decrease
energy consumption.
.3.Each fixed blade with 2 cutting knife dege, when the fixed blade is wear, it can be rotated to 180 degree, then the blade
cancontinue to use.

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