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how waste plastic films recycling to plastic granules

  • Category:PP PE film granule making machine
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  • type:water-ring and water stand type pellet
  • material:recycling material
  • capacity:200-1500 kg/h
  • type:water-ring and water stand type pellet
  • Product Manual:1.Materials:PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, CPP, BOPP, EPS etc.
    2.Shape:Film, Bag, Woven bag, Raffia,Bubble film, Foam, nonwoven fabric, Filament,sheet,chips
    3.Pelletizing Way: Pull Strap(Like No

how waste plastic films recycling to plastic granules

how waste plastic films recycling to plastic granules,first waste plastic films woven bags through conveyor belt into plastic compactor machine,then into plastic extruder machine,high temperature the material through the mould (water ring or water stand type) extruding the pellets, the pellets into water tank the temperature down and hard. through the air dry and air blower the wet pellets become dry and reycled nice pellets.

1. Belt feeding machine: Follow-up Whether the side feeding or the pelletizing machine needs to be repaired, the belt feeding machine can be manually removed (there is a roller at the bottom). Whether the film material is clean or not washed or centrifugally dewatered after cleaning The squeezing machine is recommended to use the belt feeding method: Reason: The belt runs smoothly, does not slip, and can adjust the belt tension. Seal design, no rim and missing material

2.Compactor machine: The EREMA structure of the assembly structure is opposite to the rotation direction of the screw of the main screw, which increases the feeding amount by 10%. The water cooling at the bottom reduces the problem of lowering the service life of the chassis caused by high temperature. The wall of the cylinder is air-cooled, and the soft material can be shrunk to increase the feeding amount. Cr12MoV, SKD11 high-alloy blade material reduces the cycle of sharpening. Our grinding cycle is 40 tons. The fixed knife installation is detachable, saving time for sharpening. For the whole roll of film material, it can be equipped with a single hoisting device, and the granule machine can be equipped with calcium powder feeding to improve the formula. A visual observation window and a flashlight are provided for easy observation of internal work. The upper opening of the pelletizing machine is hydraulically opened (it is convenient and safe to use without using an aerial vehicle).

3.The core of the extruder is gearbox, motor, frequency converter, barrel and screw and exhaust system. Gearbox: Our company uses China's largest gearbox manufacturer - Changzhou Guomao's high torque gearbox, while selecting Increase the size of the gearbox to ensure that the gearbox is not full of load operation to ensure that the gearbox does not burn for more than 10 years. Motor: Our company adopts the well-known domestic brand, Weinan Beide Huaxin Motor. At the same time, the model is increased to ensure that the motor is running under the load (the energy-saving motor can be selected: the servo motor can save 30%). Inverter: ABB is adopted abroad, and the domestic famous brand Robin Kang adopts high purchasing price but stable operation. The double-tube filtration system adopts Taiwan Yuanli vacuum pump, which has high exhaust efficiency, and the exhaust system has its own unloading truck. The double exhaust system can be designed according to customer requirements. The barrel screw of our company is designed by ourselves. The screw processing factory is professionally produced according to the drawings of our company. The main unit is added with a detachable cover, which is environmentally safe and has a high grade.

4.Horizontal pelletizer: The blade is made of high-quality alloy. Long service life. Assembly knife holder for easy blade replacement. Pelletizing blade: a set of 2-4 pieces Adjustable angle The angle adjustment mode is air pressure adjustment (with air pressure adjusting device and barometer), especially suitable for pelletizing PP material. Wannan all-aluminum motor, light weight. Self-contained moving rails make it easy to start up and easy to repair.

5.Hydraulic screen changer: According to customer requirements, plate type, column type, no screen and backwash type screen changer can be used.
Plate type change network: 1. Quick change time is less than 2 seconds. 2. Using advanced pressure adaptive sealing and pressure ring technology, the sealing effect is driven by the pressure of the polymer in front of the mesh to solve the leakage problem of the melt in the screen changer. 3. The penetrating bolt is connected to the extruder, and the screw can be pulled out through the screen changer for easy disassembly. 4. Modular combination for different standard extruders.5. The screen changer comes with a cover, which is beautiful and safe. 6. The maximum pressure of the system can reach 35Mpa, and the three-stage automatic alarm is adopted. 7. The hydraulic station has its own energy storage tank.

6.The chute is used to cool the cut particles. The chute is equipped with a window. The chute can be adjusted in water and is made of 304 stainless steel. The pump is a Taiwan source vertical pump and a high pressure water pipe. The dewatering machine comes with a double-layer filter screen for filtering debris to facilitate recycling and prevent material loss. It is recommended to have a chiller when the water in the customer area is expensive. All stainless steel centrifugal dewatering machine Dehydration rate 98.5% Dehydrated particles can be sold directly, and the special blade design life can be used for high calcium particles. Follow-up according to customer requirements with vibrating screen and silo. Electric cabinet: Siemens or Schneider contactor, Omron temperature control table, electric cabinet is 3mm plate Frame structure is sturdy and durable. Comes with an air-cooled fan and is equipped with a lighting system.

For high moisture content, heavy ink, high impurity content, poor fluidity and temperature sensitive materials, double-stage granulation is recommended.

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