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how to recycling plastic PP PE films into plastic granules

  • Category:PP PE film granule making machine
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  • type:water-ring type pellet
  • material:recycling material
  • motor: famous brand
  • type:water-ring type pellet
  • Product Manual:1.Materials:PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, CPP, BOPP, EPS etc.
    2.Shape:Film, Bag, Woven bag, Raffia,Bubble film, Foam, nonwoven fabric, Filament,sheet,chips
    3.Pelletizing Way: Pull Strap(Like No

1. Feeding: belt feeding, frequency conversion control, and when the compacting machine current reaches the set value, the belt will automatically stop. When the current drops, the belt will start automatically. If the customer requests metal detector, we can also realize Linked, when the metal detector alarms, the belt will stop, and the belt will start after the alarm is removed. If the customer feels that the metal detection is too expensive, we can also do a strong magnetic belt roller for iron removal. Of course, the price will increase.

2, feeding, the compact machine combined with the role of the pellet machine, and in order to increase the speed and effect of the pellet, we made changes in the cutter and fixed knife of the compact machine, in order to facilitate the feeding, installed in the pot The deflector has been improved at the screw feed port.

3, in order to control the compact machine, we also made our own design, the material is sheared, rotated and rubbed in the pot body, the temperature will continue to rise, and then shrink into a mass, which is already semi-plasticized when entering the screw. The heat energy required in the screw will be reduced, the heating time will be shorter, the feed will be more, the material will be faster, and the output will naturally become higher (the feed will be more, the discharge will not be timely, the screw will be stuck). This can't be done. There is less material to feed, no production, no.) The temperature at which the material enters the screw is also important. The higher the temperature, the higher the yield naturally, but if it is too high, the material will stick to the block in the pot. As the saying goes, it is a paste pot. Once the material is formed into a single piece, it is impossible to enter the screw, and it needs to be shut down for cleaning. Therefore, controlling the temperature of the material in the compact pot is an important and complicated task. This is also our advantage over other peers.

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