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film squeezer machine

  • Category:plastic squeezing machine
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  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • material:recycling waste film,woven bag,fabric,nylon......
  • water less than2%,final product has semi-Plasticizing and full-plasticizing
  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • Product Manual:film squeezer machine

We also called water squeezer, Film squeezer, which is a new designed Drying Machines instead of traditional dewatering machines and Pipe Drying Machine for Pet Washing Recycling Line films ,bags,woven bag ect. This machine could remove most water from washed film efficiently.

The corn parts is the screw surrounded by the screen mesh which will pushes the material forward under pressing& squeezing power, the waters will be filter out fast. The self-friction power and auxiliary electric heating system will turn the film material at semi-plasticized

condition and Single Screw Extruder out from the mould and been cut by speed rotor blades. The cut pieces will be cooling by air and transmit to cyclone silo. The final products will be regular granulas which increase output a lot on Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine process.


1. Latest technology.

2. Application: wet PP PE film, bags.

3. Low power consumption.

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