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commercial plastics recycling granule pelletizing machine

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  • type:water-ring type pellet
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  • type:water-ring type pellet
  • Product Manual:commercial plastics recycling granule pelletizing machine,The recovered film forms include: agricultural film (film) recycling, shrink film recycling, printing film recycling, packaging film recycling

commercial plastics recyclinggranule pelletizing machine

Film recycling granulator

Common film materials are: PP, PE, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PA, PET

The recovered film forms include: agricultural film (film) recycling, shrink film recycling, printing film recycling, packaging film recycling, composite film recycling, aluminum film recycling, film scrap recycling, in which the market share of packaging film is growing.

For the granule machine used for the above various film recovery, the following two common models can be roughly recommended:

1. Film recycling granulator without crushing

The three-in-one extruder includes functions such as crushing, extrusion, granulation, etc., reducing turnover and transportation, and achieving high-efficiency extrusion line.

The advantages of this three-in-one film granulator are: high efficiency, high output, wide application range, low labor intensity, and high quality of particles produced.

The shortcoming is that the cutting Pulverizer is exposed to the air and is easily oxidized and degraded. Compared with the forced feeding extruder, the energy consumption is high, and the maintenance cost and operation difficulty are relatively high.

The scope of this model is mainly: film, fiber, etc.
2. After the broken film recovery granulator

The forced feed extrusion granulator produced is another common model other than the compact machine granulator.

The advantage of this forced feed film granulator is that it saves electricity compared to the above-mentioned compact granulator, and the energy consumption is low, but the production does not have a three-in-one granulator, so customers can purchase according to their own needs.

The downstream equipment of the film granulation production line includes: chute, centrifugal dewatering machine, vibrating screen, air delivery, silo, etc.

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