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Waste Plastic grinder Plastic pulverizer machine

  • Category:PP PE HDPE ABS pulverizer machine
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  • capacity:100-800kg/h
  • material:recycling material
  • cooling way:by water
  • capacity:100-800kg/h
  • Product Manual:Waste Plastic grinder Plastic pulverizer machine

 Product advantages:

1.Simple adjustment of cutting gap
2.Choice of discs or segments
3.Low drive power - High throughput
4.Innovative efficient design
5.Wide range of accessories
6.Easy temperature control

7.Main technical parameters

Main Technical Parameter


Diameter of the Grinding Room (mm) 400
NO. of rotor 3
Main shaft speed (r/min) 3400-3700
Motor Power(kw) 30
Grinding Capacity(kg/h) 50-150
Cooling Method Air cooling and water cooling
Dimension (mm) 1250*1500*1530
Weight(kg) 1000

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