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Two-high tandem rolling mill

Two-high tandem rolling mill

It is used for flat wire and flat wire rolling. It can roll carbon steel, stainless steel, high-speed tool steel, copper, brass, titanium alloy, etc.

The equipment is equipped with two rolls, with Wusteel roll rings, and equipped with internal water circulation cooling device for the rolls

Two steel chucks, equipped with high-precision ball bearings, grease lubricated by nozzles

A set of adjustable thread guides with special anti-wear coating

A set of heavy universal joints

A gear reducer installed in the oil tank, the gears are grounded

A set of manual (automatic) roll body lateral movement system to ensure full use of rolls

Pressing speed: stepless speed regulation

Can be connected in series with four-high mill

Can be equipped with pay-off machine, spool take-up machine, detachable take-up machine

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