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Steel wire flat bar rolling mill


Steel wire flat bar rolling mill

Inlet: round wire

Inlet specification: φ1.5-12mm

Finished product specifications: According to the actual requirements of customers

Production speed: 30-150m/min

Rolling method: cold rolling, finishing rolling

Rolling pass: single pass, 2 continuous rolling, 3 continuous rolling, 4 continuous rolling, etc. can be designed according to the specifications of the finished product

Control method: PLC + man-machine interface

Roll size: design according to finished product specifications

Rolling power: Determined according to product specifications

Pay-off machine: spool pay-off or loose-circle style pay-off can be selected

Pay-off weight: designed according to the weight of raw materials, the commonly used pay-off machine is 1 ton

Take-up method: shaft-moving I-wheel take-up or loose coil take-up

Take-up weight: It can be designed according to actual requirements, and the common take-up load is 1 ton

Equipment composition:

      Pay-off machine

      Straightening device

      Multi-pass optional


      Tension system

      cooling system   

      Lubrication system

      Degreasing device

      Detection device

      Take-up machine

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