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Rolling Cassette/Universal Rolling Die


Characteristics: high precision, long service life, high cost.

Uses: GLWC series rolling cassettes are specially designed to replace traditional dies used on profile wire drawing lines.

Applying material: suitable for high-carbon, medium-carbon, low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, titanium wire, titanium nickel alloy wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire and other non-ferrous and ferrous metals

Attributes: No drive. The round wire can be rolled small or medium cross-section profiled wire directly.

Advantages: Its working life is productive than the profiled dies so that improving efficiency, saving cost and could change the polishing technology for user.

It can be operated without lubricating oil (dry operation) in a special case.

Different from the drawing die with " one model one die ", possibilty of roller non-replacing when forming profiled wires.

Roll material:  the rollers are often chosen for their final products, such as tool steel, sintered metal or carbide steel.

Roller diameter: 170mm

Uses method: usually equipped with tractor or wire drawing machine

Optional devices: guide wire device, rolling force measurement system, central lubrication system, etc.

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