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Plastic Polyethylene terephthalate granule making recycle machine

  • Category:PET granule making machine
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  • type:water-stand type pellet
  • material:recycling material
  • motor: famous brand
  • type:water-stand type pellet
  • Product Manual:1.Suitable for PET bottle flakes
    2.The screw is made of high tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2
    3.double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficie

Plastic Polyethylene terephthalate granule making recycle machine

This machine can carry out ideal viscosity of pet without complicated precrystallization dryer system.only a bit IV will be reduced.It can improve IV in the condition of adding some suitable additive.

In the plastics recycling industry,PET recycling is increasingly becoming one of the most "money" way and the most popular recycling project.
Belongs to PET engineering plastics with excellent performance. The application field is very wide. we digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, using double screw extruding PET, multiple vacuum exhaust, without pre crystallization drying, energy saving more than 40%. At the same time, due to the configuration of no shutdown network changer, the cost is greatly reduced. Because of the adoption of twin screw extruders, calcium carbonate and PE materials can be added to blend and modify simultaneously, so as to achieve one-step extrusion granulation.
The production line without any adjustment, can be directly modified granulation of various materials.

It is well organized under modern enterprise system. Combining advanced technology with reliable performance, it has gained a wide acceptance and a high praise from its customers all over the globe. We are leaders in our industry, offering clients the great level of service hat is the cornerstone of our success.

The regenerated particle viscosity of the bottle flakes reaches about 0.65.
The viscosity of the recycled particles of the cloth head reaches 0.55 or more.
The viscosity of PET powder regenerated particles reaches 0.58-0.60

1. screw loader

2. parallel twin screw extruder

3.hydraulic screen changer

4.water tank

5.air blower

6. cutter ans blower and silo

7. control box

The test running machine use raw material and final product:

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