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Plastic Film squeezing Dewatering Machine

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  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • material:recycling waste film,woven bag,fabric,nylon......
  • water less than2%,final product has semi-Plasticizing and full-plasticizing
  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • Product Manual:Plastic Film squeezing Dewatering Machine
Plastic Film squeezing Dewatering Machine
Waste plastic film, woven belt cleaning and recycling industry. It is mainly used in equipment for dehydrating soft plastics such as PP woven bags, PE film, nylon and other film soft plastics. The research and development of this equipment successfully overcomes the difficulty of dehydration of soft plastics and the problems of impure water removal in the past. It is an indispensable advanced equipment for the recycling and processing of soft plastics.

This machine is pushed out by the screw in the barrel of the soft material, which can effectively control the discharge speed of the whole machine and the dryness of the extrusion water. It can squeeze and dehydrate the moisture of common different types of film plastics to the moisture content. Within 2%~3%, and the film materials extruded by this machine become small pieces or agglomerates, which is beneficial to the feeding of the granulator (pumping machine, pellet machine). This machine is reasonable in structure, easy to operate, economical and practical. It is the equipment on the film plastic cleaning and granulating production line.

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