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PP film squeezing machine

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  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • material:recycling waste film,woven bag,fabric,nylon......
  • water less than2%,final product has semi-Plasticizing and full-plasticizing
  • capacity:200-1000kg/h
  • Product Manual:PP film squeezing machine

The plastic film dehydrated machine adopt principle of screw extrusion. Equipping oil pressure installation and PLC touch screen control panel, this machine is use for dewatering some plastic like thin film, woven bag, snake leather bag, thin soft plastic and so on. It is easy to control and efficient. GRNWE is one of the earliest company that importing foreign talents and we improve our technology step by step base on long accumulated experience. For this machine, it has its special screw extractor, special electric box and automatic outlet with hydraulic pressure sensor. The successful research of plastic film dehydrated machine solves dewartering problem on many kinds of soft plastic. Now, it has become an indispensable facility on recycling industry.


1. Special dewatering theory, resolve difficulties that hard to dehydrate flexible film.

2. Good dewatering effect, dehydration rate up to 98%.

3. Made in China with Taiwan technology. High performance cast ratio.

4. Saving cost by using mechanical way instead of using hot air frying.

5. Offer consumers want customization service.

Plastic Squeezer
1) Main recycling the PP PE Film, capacity is different according to different materials
2) Moistures: <2%
3) Control Panel: SIEMENS AC contactor, the working state of every part of the machinery will be show on the panel. There is emergency stop switch on the panel.

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