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PP Space Bag Dewatering squeezing and pelletizing machine


PP Space Bag Dewatering  squeezing and pelletizing machine

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Since the membrane material is crushed and cleaned, the water content is very high. The water granulation has higher requirements on the machine heating system, the motor load is large, the output is low, and the normal production cannot be performed. In particular, the company has developed a new product for this kind of water-washed film material, and the water-washed film material is strongly extruded through a large-sized screw, and the water is discharged through a screwing machine funnel to achieve the purpose of removing water from the water-washing film material, thereby greatly improving the purpose. Granulation production efficiency.
The plastic film extrusion machine produced by Suzhou Woruisi Machinery adopts the principle of spiral extrusion dehydration, is equipped with imported hydraulic device, and is equipped with a special control cabinet for plc touch screen. Used for plastic film, plastic bags, snake belts, space bags, thin soft plastics for drying and dewatering work. Easy to operate, good drying effect. Wo Ruisi Machinery has many years of manufacturing experience, unique spiral extrusion dehydration structure design, equipped with special electric box, hydraulic induction opening free control of the squeeze effect. The development of plastic film extrusion machine has solved the market problem of plastic pe film, pe plastic bag, pp snake skin bag, space bag and other soft plastics. It is a new type of equipment that is indispensable in the process of crushing, washing and recycling waste plastic film and woven bag.
1. The unique principle of squeeze drying and dehydration solves the problem of traditional soft membrane or filament plastic dehydration;
2, the introduction of foreign technology squeezed dry dewatering effect is good, cost-effective;
3, mechanical extrusion dewatering compared to the original hot air drying, greatly reducing processing costs;
4, can be customized according to customer requirements.

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