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PET granules machine Parallel twin screw extruder machine

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  • capacity:200-700kg/h
  • screw speed:0-115rmp
  • cooling way:by water
  • capacity:200-700kg/h
  • Product Manual:1.Suitable for PET bottle flakes
    2.The screw is made of high tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2
    3.double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficie

Product Description:

The screw element of the main engine is connected with the mandrel in the form of involute spline that is synchronized with the international level, fully tapping the potential of the limited structural space, and achieving higher working torque and larger screw working volume;

Depending on the requirements of different materials, processes and applications, on the basis of the conventional A series (n≤500r/min, T/A3<6) and the high-speed B series (n≥600r/min, T/A3<6), we have recently launched High-torque C series (n≤500r/min, T/A3>8) and high-speed and high-torque D series (n≥600r/min, T/A3>8) products provide users at all levels with a wider choice.

New torque distribution transmission device, enhanced design safety margin, high-precision hard tooth surface grinding processing, all key bearings are imported, lubrication system interlocking protection, pursuit of higher reliability;

Various forms of metering and feeding structures and systems, single screw, twin screw, hollow spring type, meshing and non-meshing, etc., can cover various material states. In addition to the conventional low-cost volumetric feeding metering, it is the first to achieve a breakthrough in a highly precise (0.5%) loss-in-weight metering system in China; each unique granulation system, water-cooled strand cutting, air-cooled strand cutting, and air-cooled Hot-cut pellets on the die surface, hot pellets on the water ring die surface, eccentric water spray hot pellets and hot pellets on the underwater die surface, etc., are recommended for selection;

Main Technical parameter:

1. The AC motor (132kW) and the transmission system adopt a three-axis parallel design. The deceleration and torque distribution parts are integrated. All bearings are imported bearings, oil-immersed lubrication, and imported oil seals. The transmission system uses elastic pins for overload and Over-current protection: Electrically, instantaneous overload and over-current protection is realized through the imported inverter main computer board. (Second generation type B)

2. 9-section wear-resistant cylinder (lined with wear-resistant alloy sleeve).

3. The screw element adopts high-speed tool steel (W6Mo5Cr4V2).

4. The screw shaft is made of 40CrNiMo, and the screw element and the shaft are connected by involute spline.

5. The cylinder body is cooled by forced water cooling. Each cylinder body uses an independent throttle and solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is an original Italian electrical product.

6. The open cylinder is a cast copper heater, and the closed cylinder is a cast aluminum heater.

7. Water circulation system, including: 1.1KW water pump, water tank, heat exchanger.

8. Oil lubrication system, including: oil pump, heat exchanger.

9. Vacuum system includes: vacuum pump 3KW, buffer tank.

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