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High Output Stainless Steel Wire Processing Machine for Oil Screen

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  • Product Manual:Type:Cold Rolling Application:Used for Oil Screen Input:Stainless Steel

Main technical specification

1 Inlet wire range: 1.5-6.5mm

2 Finished size: Max. width 14mm  thickness 4mm

   (flat wires) width tolerance: ±0.02mm thickness tolerance ±0.01mm

3 work speed: 30~250m/min

4 Power:

  1) Active pay-off machine  4kw (according to the requirement of material type )

  2) 1st Horizontal 2-Roll Stand 18.5kw×2

  3) 2nd precision roll stand 15kw×2 

  4) 3rd precision roll stand 15kw×2

  5) 4th precision roll stand 15KW×2

  6) Take-up machine   (wire traverse system without reels) 11kw

  7) Total power 142kw

3. Line composition

  3.1 Pay-off machine                            1 set

  3.2 Straightening machine                   1 set

  3.3 Breakdown roll stand                    1 set

  3.4 Dancer                                        4 sets

  3.5 Precision roll stand                       3 sets

  3.6 Air knife oil removing system            1 set

  3.7 On-line monitoring system                1 set

  3.8 Take-up machine                          1 set

  3.9 Electrical control system                1 set

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