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Automatic Single Screw Extruder HDPE LDPE PP PE Film PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Single Screw Etruder Extrusion Machine Line

  • Category:PP PE film granule making machine
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  • Cooling Way:by water
  • Heat Way:by electric
  • Degassing:2( One Vacuum, One Natural)
  • Cooling Way:by water
  • Product Manual:1.Materials:PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE,CPP, BOPP, EPS etc,Shape:Film, Bag, Woven bag, Raffia,Bubble film, Foam, nonwoven fabric, Filament,sheet,chips
    2.Pelletizing Way: Pull Strap(Like Noodles)

Automatic Single Screw Extruder HDPE LDPE PP PE Film PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Single Screw Etruder Extrusion Machine Line

whole line details:

Single screw extruder film recycling pelletizing line,Waste BOPP film recycling granulation machine,Waste agricultural film recycling granulation line,Wast film recycling pelletizing machine,Water-ring hot die LDPE film granulation machine HDPE film pelletizing machinery with vertical water-ring hot die face pelletizing way. It also can do with horizontal water-ring hot die face pelletizing way and wind cooling die face pelletizing way to meet the requirement of different material.

The production line is mainly composed of: conveyor belt, compaction bin, single-screw extruder, hydraulic die head, screen changing device, cooling water tank, pelletizer, air feeding bin, control electric box, etc.

Waste plastic recycling and pelletizing production line Features of the entire production line:
1. The entire production line has a high degree of automation and is a fully automatic assembly line. As long as someone adds waste plastic in the front and someone in the back receives the pelletized product, it can realize the direct transformation from waste plastic to pelletized product;
2. The entire production line is continuously improved on the basis of German equipment drawings. The design is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and it is durable. The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel;

Main Technical Parameter:

ML100-100 two stage Machine detail parameter

Item NO. Item name Quantity Power
1 Belt conveyor 1set 2.2kW
2 Φ100/28single screw extruder set 132kW
3 Compactorr 1 set 90kW
4 Hydraulic screen changer system 1 set 2.2kW
5 Φ100/10 single screw extruder 1 set 55kW
6 Hydraulic screen changer system 1 set 2.2kW
7 Water-ring die face cutting system 1 set 2.2kW
8 water slot  1 set ---
9 Centrifugal dryer 1set 7.5kW
10 Vibration 1set 2*0.22kW
11 Wind transmission system 1 set 4kW
12 Storage Silo 1 set ---
13 Electrical control box 1 set ---

The layout of this machine
Plastic Granules Making Machine for LDPE HDPE Film Shopping Bags

1.Belt conveyor


3.Single screw extruder machine

4.Hydraulic screen exhanger

5.Single screw extruder machine

6.Hydraulic screen exhanger

7.Vertical Water-ring die face cutting system

8.Water slot

9.Centrifugal dryer


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