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2 Hi Rolling Mill Two-roll Mill Calender


2-Hi Rolling Mill/Two-roll Mill/Calender

Uses: used in tool steel or high-speed profiled wires, centrifuge sieves, heat exchanger, ski steel edges, piston rings, oil rings, etc.; PV ribbon, Enameled rectangular wire, precious metal composite material, high-speed rail sliding wire, gold and silver coin billet belt (mint), flat wire, steel belt, copper belt, copper foil, etc.

Applying materials: suitable for high-carbon, medium-carbon, low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, titanium wire, titanium nickel alloy wire, copper aluminum wire,
brass wire and other non-ferrous and ferrous.

Roll material: the rollers are often chosen for their final products, such as tool steel, sintered metal or carbide steel.

Roll diameter: 90-350mm

Roll accuracy: less than 0.001mm

Power system: Servo motor or three-phase motor

Press-down mode: electric or manual

Optional devices: guide wire device, roll force measurement system, central lubrication system, etc.

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