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pvc pipe extrusion line key points of mold assembly

1. Metallographic fine sand should be used when grinding the mold. In the case of more corrosion, the rust can be polished with water sanding, and then polished with fine sandpaper or polished with a polishing machine. The bracket grinding should not leave dead corners to prevent If the yellow line is drawn, the mold connection must be smooth and flat, and there must be no burrs and dead corners. The mold screw holes must be cleaned regularly to prevent carbonization of molybdenum and the screws are not easy to disassemble;

2. Before installing the mold, find the mark first, and then assemble according to the mark. During the assembly process, be sure to pay attention to safety and move lightly to avoid personal injury and mold damage. When screwing, each bolt, thread, and hardness must be checked. For bad screws, replace them in time, and smear appropriate amount of molybdenum on each screw;
3. Upper mold: Before the mold is installed on the machine, prepare the tools and some items used, whether copper should be added to the filter plate, check whether the belt and iron chain used for the hanging mold are in good condition, and the hanging mold should be level. , Do not place the feet and other parts of the body below the mold and the thermocouple hole on the top during mold installation;
4. Tighten the mold: Before starting the machine, tighten the bolts of the mold. When tightening the bolts, first tighten the mold base screws, and then tighten the plate. When tightening the bolts, one person is required to tighten the bolts diagonally and evenly.
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