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plastic squeezing machine history

An example of a plastic film squeezer is a wine story. Dating back to ancient Rome, these machines have similar working principles to the current screw squeezing machine, but there are some shortcomings, but the current squeezing machine has corrected and improved these shortcomings.
In ancient times, squeezing wine into grape juice could only be processed in batches and often formed thick cakes on the strainer, so that its juice was difficult to flow out through the strainer, so that the wine was difficult to collect. Nowadays, most screw extruders are equipped with a continuous flow material, which is a screw surrounding the filter screen, which also helps to avoid the formation of a solid material on the filter screen. A modern method even eliminates the filter screen, which helps the system to stabilize and rotate, often eliminating the complete accumulation of solids.

The common screw type plastic film squeezing machine was invented by the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes, and it is called screw conveyor belt.
The screw conveyor belt consists of a shaft surrounded by a spiral steel plate, which is similar in design and appearance to a spiral. This design requires a lot of screws. Some machines are designed this way, not all squeezers are like this-they do not separate solids from liquids, but are used to fuse them together. Mold filling machines are an example of this. Plastic pellets are inserted at one end and heated, the pellets are melted, and discharged into the mold.


Most plastic film squeezers can directly inject the diluted material into the screw machine, but pre-thickening sometimes improves the pressing performance. This is usually a static screen, rotating drum screen, belt conveyor, or gravity meter.

While researching continuous flight design, Anderson noticed that it caused co-rotation and inefficient work to be dehydrated, especially when combined with softer materials. He solved this problem by de-energizing the dart blade of the screw. The power cut stops the material in the process of pushing forward along the axial direction, and also allows the material to be sufficiently assembled before it is pushed through the screw press to the container that captures this material.

The intermittent power-off design of the screw film squeezer uses only soft or pasty materials, most of which are different from the continuous design of the screw squeezer. The intermittent power-off design of the screw squeezer is used Expand the commonality of unnecessary materials or the consistency of materials. If such a continuous design is reduced, this dehydration product is also produced. In order to avoid the continuous power-off design and apply greater pressure to the variable speed setting at the same time, it is necessary; this type of squeezer must be equipped with an operation member.

The intermittent power-off design eliminates the consistency that the compressed screw does not need to be changed, because the material does not change through the screw until there is a sufficient amount of material to be formed, as mentioned above. This also eliminates the need to change the speed and the operator. The design can be self-calibrated, and the efficiency cannot be utilized through continuous design. It can form a more economical and effective screw extruder, which can be used to handle not only stick-slip and unstable materials.

The teeth of the resistance will be added to the squeezing machine, where there is no power cut, it is for the mixing of the material. Squeezing can limit its tendency to coordinate rotation.
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