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plastic squeezer machine recycling machine

In recent years, the scope of application of plastic products at home and abroad has become more and more extensive. However, discarded plastics are not perishable and will seriously affect the human ecological environment, so people began to recycle the discarded plastics for reuse. However, before reuse, the waste plastic must be shredded into plastic film fragments, washed and dried. At present, the drying of plastic film fragments after cleaning is mainly a combined drying method that uses a large-scale centrifugal dehydrator for dehydration and a high-power heating system for drying. The drying process is: put the plastic film fragments into a large centrifugal dewatering machine, and the centrifugal force is generated under the high-speed rotation of the large centrifugal dewatering machine to achieve preliminary dehydration. The suction fan combines the plastic film fragments after the preliminary dehydration with the hot air generated by the high-power heater. It is sucked and mixed, and then blown into the drying pipe and the collection bin, where it is further dried during the conveying process. Its disadvantages are: poor drying effect, high energy consumption, high noise, high equipment failure rate, high maintenance cost, and large area. The plastic film fragments are double dried by squeezing and drying, the drying effect is better, and the dehydration rate can reach more than 98%.
The film squeezing machine has low energy consumption, low noise, convenient maintenance and small floor space.

is suitable for drying after plastic film is broken and washed.

1. Main motor power: 75----90KW, pelletizing motor: 3KW, pelletizing variable frequency speed regulation, wind motor: 4KW

3.Unique large reducer, providing stable power output for the machine.

4. Extrusion material moisture content: 5-7%

5. Japan’s “Omron” temperature control system “Delixi” is the main electrical control. Other low-voltage electrical appliances are Schneider

6. Weight: 3--4.5 tons, overall dimensions: 3000x1380x2100

Plastic film fragments are double-dried by squeezing and drying. The drying effect is better. The film squeezing dryer has low energy consumption, low noise, convenient maintenance and small floor space.
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