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plastic pelletizing production line

 plastic pelletizing production line mainly for many materials, we have machine for plastic films ,woven bags, foamed plastic, fabric and so on.   And material for rigid plastic , pipes profiles, window door crushed,  rigid crushed flakes. And material for PET bottles, flakes ....

Recrntly we test running our machine plastic pelletizing production line for plastic rigid crushed flake makes pellets. and running very well. 

This  pelletizing production line has the characteristics of large output, low loss, low failure rate, easy operation, low cost, etc. The granulation line has a variety of heating methods. The heating method can be designed according to the customer’s production area and cost. Electromagnetic heating, Ceramic heating, etc.

The recycling process of waste plastics :

waste plastics are recycled, crushed, washed and dried, crushed by a crusher and then cleaned by washing tank,friction washing...., and finally dehydrated and dried by a dryer machine.The Final product is clean dried flakes.
Finally, if it is need pelletized and plastic pelletizing production line extruded into plastic pellets. The plastic pelletizing production line occupies an important part of the plastic recycling process.

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