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plastic pelletizing production line for plastic PP PE film

plastic pelletizing production line for plastic PP PE film

PP PE film/agricultural film/mulch film plastic pelletizing production line includes Belt conveyor,compacting machine, film extruder, hydraulic station, screen changing system, pelletizing system, drying system and other equipment

Our machine with advantages:
1. The cutting and compaction barrel can crush and heat shrink BOPP film to ensure uniform and effective feeding, high efficiency, and at the same time, it can save 40-50% of electricity compared with the same output

2. The material of the barrel screw is 38CrMoAlA, after nitriding treatment, the barrel is equipped with exhaust holes, which can be vacuum exhausted or freely exhausted

3. The heater adopts ceramic heating coil, and the temperature measurement adopts thermocouple

4. Double-station plate type hydraulic screen changer ensures the continuity of production

5. The embedded water ring cooling system can fully effectively cool the BOPP plasticized material, which is convenient for water ring cutting

6. Circulating water cooling system to ensure the effective work of the pelletizing system

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