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plastic machine is grow fast

Global plastic production value reached 33.9 billion euros in 2015. According to the Zhiyan Data Center, the global plastic machinery market will reach 37.1 billion euros in 2017. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for half of the demand, while the Chinese market accounts for about 20% of the global market. It is predicted that by 2022, the European plastic parts (the wider downstream of plastic machinery) market will reach 104 billion euros (excluding synthetic fibers, coatings, adhesives). From the perspective of terminal applications, packaging, construction, automobiles, home appliances, 3C, medicine, etc. are the main applications downstream.

It is predicted that in 18-24 years, the market size of injection molding machines in major regions of the world will increase from 9.1 billion euros in 18 years to 11.6 billion euros in 24 years. China, Southeast Asia, South Korea, North America, and India will become the main market components of injection molding machines. In the 19-24 years, Asia Pacific (mainly Southeast Asia and South Korea) and North America have a compound growth rate of 4.0%, India's 5.0%, and the Chinese market's compound growth rate will reach 5.6%. Asian markets (especially China, India) will drive the development of the global injection molding machine industry.

China has become a major producer, consumer and exporter of plastic finished products. Thanks to the strong support of governments at all levels, China's plastic machinery industry has made breakthroughs in plastic raw materials, plastics processing industry and plastic recycling industry. Plastic products in the fields of automobiles, home appliances and electronics are gradually replacing some steel and glass components.

The export strength of the plastic machinery industry continues to increase, with exports accounting for more than 20%. Since 14 years, China's plastic machinery industry exports have begun to exceed the import amount. On the one hand, foreign brand manufacturers such as Engel, Demag and Sumitomo Demag settled in China, and on the other hand, the technical level of China's injection molding machines has improved rapidly and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. The overall strength of the domestic manufacturing industry has been further strengthened, which has also driven the development of exports. At the same time, it has also reduced the dependence of the domestic market on imported plastic machinery products to a certain extent. In recent years, the export value of China's plastic machinery has accounted for more than 20% of the total domestic industry revenue. Overseas exports provide an important driving force for the development of the industry.

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