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plastic film dewater machine

Product Usage
After the plastic is crushed by the crusher, the equipment for dewatering after cleaning is mainly used for the final process after cyclic rough washing, crushing cleaning, and rinsing.
Stainless steel plastic film dehydrator is widely used for drying waste plastics. This machine is suitable for nozzle crushing material, household appliance shell crushing material, shoe sole crushing material, bumper crushing material, mineral water bottle crushing material, milk bottle crushing material, Coke bottle crushing material, plastic pallet crushing material and other plastic flakes. Washing and dehydration of granular materials. The stainless steel plastic film dehydrator adopts the centrifugal principle. During the operation, the plastic adheres to the inner wall of the product, and the water droplets are discharged through the inner wall mesh to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Working principle and function

This product uses screw, push-up, separation and dehydration, automatic feeding, discharging is completed at one time, and the sheet material is more than 1 ton. In particular, its automatic feeding and discharging function overcomes the need for manual discharging and manual discharging of traditional centrifuges. The shortcomings of materials are convenient and fast, which greatly saves manpower and improves work efficiency. It is the best equipment at present.

How to extend the service life:
1. The service life of stainless steel plastic film dehydrator is generally within 5-8 years. It is necessary to check the product quality.
2. As far as our products are concerned, they generally need to be cleaned and maintained once a month after use.
3. The maintenance part of the equipment is mainly to clean the sundries. If the brake is found to be inoperative, replace it immediately. If the product is swaying, it needs to be shut down immediately for inspection.

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