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plastic EVA plastic granule recycling machine

Today our company test plastic EVA plastic granule recycling machine ,it's for EVA shoes materials,ps material, PP PE and so on....

plastic EVA plastic granule recycling machine

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plastic EVA plastic granule recycling machine

1. The granulation structure of the EVA sole material granulator:
     EVA granulator granulation process: Mixer-single screw granulator-pelletizing system-centrifugal dehydrator-extended air-cooled vibrating screen-finished product silo

2. Advantages of EVA sole material granulator:

Processing range of EVA sole material granulator:
1. Hot melt adhesive production system
   The EVA sole material pelletizer can process hot melt adhesives with a viscosity from 5000cps (including higher) without adding a melt cooler. For hot melt adhesives with lower viscosity, you can add a melt cooler.
   Hot melt adhesive range: a) based on EVA, b) polyamide, c) polyester, d) amorphous olefin copolymer, e) various adhesives.
2. Elastomers commonly used in EVA sole material granulator:
   Styrene thermoplastic elastomer (TPS): such as SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPS, etc.
   Polyolefin-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPO, TPE-O, or TEO): Separately mixed S-TPO
   Dynamic Vulcanization TPV (PP/EPDM)
   Ester thermoplastic elastomer (TPE),
   Polyamide thermoplastic elastomer (TPA)

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