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look at the future prospects of recycled plastic granulators

Step into the new era of industrial development, look at the future prospects of recycled plastic granulators
 Recycled plastics have always been a resource that has not been fully utilized, and its development space is broad. Due to the severe environmental problems in recent years, the worries about the exhaustion of limited resources, and the rising prices of chemical raw materials, the attention of recycled plastics has increased year by year.
At present,the market demand for recycled plastics is expanding, but the gap in capacity is still not small. The raw materials for the production of recycled plastics must first be sorted and sorted. Previously, it took a lot of money and manpower to carry out this link. The masses also lacked the classification awareness. The resistance encountered during recycling was large, so a considerable part of the recycled plastics failed. Enter the recycling chain. At present, many companies at home and abroad have developed automatic sorting equipment for recyclable waste, which will promote the development of the recycled plastics industry.
The topic returned to the recycled plastic granulator. Due to the low recycling rate of waste plastics for a long time, the enterprises engaged in recycling and recycling of waste plastics have fewer, uneven distribution, backward technology, serious pollution, and more of a small factory. As a result, the development and upgrading of recycled plastic granulators is slower than that of the popular machinery industry, and small machines with a single function need to be upgraded.
At present, industrial globalization has promoted China's industrial development. Under the market boom, the demand for waste plastics is rising, and the transformation and upgrading of recycled plastic granulators has entered an accelerated period. Here, the author summarizes the four major influencing factors for the transformation and upgrading of recycled plastic granulators:
A considerable amount of raw materials
Recycled plastic granulators are still relatively unpopular with popular plastic machinery, and they also indicate a huge space for development. Recycled plastics have a price advantage over new plastics, and China has jumped to the top of the world in plastics production. At the same time, the problem is the handling and utilization of the amazing amount of waste plastics produced. The recycled plastics after sorting and screening will become a considerable raw material for production, and the demand for plastic granulators will also increase.
Transition to service-oriented manufacturing
Due to the transformation of the production concept of plastic granulation design, a full set of three-dimensional, systematic service solutions have surfaced, and the transformation of service-oriented manufacturing has begun. Service-oriented manufacturing is a new form of industry that combines manufacturing and service. Under this model, product economy and service economy are integrated, and the integration of manufacturing resources will promote the transformation of the industry from low-end to high-end.
Large machine upgrade space
In terms of machine upgrades, plastic granulators also have a huge upside. After the support and advancement of the national policy, the plastic granulator will be transformed to the high end. With the development of the times, the willingness of manufacturers to abandon low-end devices with relatively low price and single function is strengthened, and new multi-functional devices with higher value are more popular. The replacement of the machine will incorporate more new technologies and new processes, and more energy and pollution issues will be considered while increasing production capacity.
Especially under the dual influence of service-oriented manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, the research and development of recycled plastic granulators will also show a diversified trend. First, based on the customer's needs, the concept of customization is included, and the “potential demand” that the customer may exist is deeply explored while satisfying the customer's requirements. Second, it is integrated into the intelligent manufacturing, and is in line with the industrial trend, the whole industry chain, The addition of concepts such as automation, intelligence, integration, and scale will increase the added value of the industry, enhance the customer experience, and gradually move toward professionalism and precision.
National policy support
With the passage of time, in recent years, China's National Development and Reform Commission has invested 10 billion yuan in environmental protection industry every year. The "five major guidelines" and "five major projects" proposed in "Made in China 2025" have also made profound instructions on industrial production. Promote the industrial enterprises to achieve a low-cost, re-manufactured, environmentally friendly green development route, and put the traditional manufacturing industry on the agenda. Recycled plastic granulators will be supported by the state in this direction because of their integration with the concept of green development.
Du Huanzheng, president of China Waste Plastics Association, said that as an important part of resource recycling, recycling of waste plastics has been highly valued by the state. The future development goal of the industry is to establish a new and specialized plastic recycling and processing system to eliminate and eliminate Resource waste and secondary pollution, with technological innovation to promote the development of the industry, the formation of low-carbon environmental protection, resource recycling, development of sustainable new production methods.
Recycled plastic granulator is an important part of the plastic recycling processing system. In the policy environment of advocating green development, the reclaimed plastic granulator supported by the state is welcoming the period of accelerated industrial development. The production of recycled plastics is expected to become a hot spot in the future. In this broad industry development space, relevant manufacturers should actively respond to external requirements, adjust themselves, seize opportunities, realize the transformation of enterprises themselves, and promote the establishment of plastic recycling processing systems. Perfect, providing power for modern manufacturing transformation and upgrading, and achieving green manufacturing.

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