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films flakes plastic dewatering machine

Vertical plastic dewatering machine
1.Plastic dewatering machine is used for cleaning and dewatering various crushed materials, such as granular materials, sheet materials, nozzle materials, plastic materials, etc.
2.This type of horizontal plastic film dehydrator can also be used. We recommend using a vertical dehydration and drying degree. After all, the product is rotated from top to bottom. The forced automatic feeding and discharging saves manpower. .
3.The customized horizontal plastic film dewatering machine is more suitable for various film materials, and the horizontal dewatering effect of the whole network type is better.

Horizontal plastic film dewatering machine:
1. Suitable for dewatering and air-drying plastic crushed materials, raw materials, and sheets for reuse.
2. High-speed centrifugal dehydration, automatic discharging
3. The drying effect is over 90.
4. The powder can be discharged evenly with its materials to reduce loss.
5. High degree of dehydration, low power consumption, fast efficiency, and high degree of automation, which greatly reduces labor intensity.
6. It is dehydrated and cleaned, which can wash away the fine sand and other small debris in the plastic.
7. Advanced production technology, easy cleaning, low noise, safe use and all made of stainless steel, durable.
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