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delivery plastic PET bottle recycling granule making machine

delivery plastic PET bottle recycling granule making machine

Our company new making plastic PET bottle recycling granule making machine and after our company test running machine, delivery to our customer.

Machine with advantage:

The barrel is cooled by a special air cooling system. The control system adopts special computer control. According to different formula requirements of users, equipped with reasonable screw structure. In order to achieve the best plasticization; bark state and material quality.

The screws are all processed by high-precision special-purpose CNC screw milling machine, which can ensure that the extrusion performance of each similar extrusion equipment is highly reliable. Take the lead in introducing the international advanced variable screw pitch and variable depth screw design technology. Make the material shearing and compressing in the screw softer and closer to the actual needs. Special design of distribution box. Thrust bearings are particularly enlarged. The bearings are imported from the original. Long transmission life, can withstand greater extrusion pressure. The electrical system uses imported originals to a large extent, and has multiple fault alarm functions. Less failures. Easy to exclude. The cooling system is specially designed. The heat dissipation area is particularly enlarged. The cooling is rapid, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃.

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