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cooling tower for plastic production line

Cooling tower materials are generally made of carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. When the tube sheet made of carbon steel is used as a cooling tower, the welds between the tube sheet and the tube often show corrosion and leakage, and the leakage into the cooling water system will cause damage. Cause pollution to the environment and waste of materials.
In view of the anti-corrosion problem of the cooling tower, the traditional method mainly focuses on repair welding, but repair welding easily causes internal stress inside the tube sheet, which is difficult to eliminate, and may cause the weld of the cooling tower tube sheet to leak again. Now the West adopts the method of polymer composite materials for protection.
1. There must be a certain amount of surplus energy (20%-25%) in the circulating water system of the cooling tower, and this energy is lost at a certain valve during operation. Over time, this energy is lost in vain. The external turbine uses these "surplus energy" to convert it into mechanical energy, thereby 100% replacing the cooling tower fan motor to save electricity.
2. The key to how the external hydraulic turbine can achieve the motor drive efficiency is to understand the surplus energy in the design of the cooling tower circulating water system. At the same time, the impeller design of the turbine is also the key. The surplus energy is mainly composed of the following 6 parts:
1) The margin value that must be considered in the design of the circulating water system;
2) Potential energy utilization of heat exchange equipment;
3) The self-regulating ability of the water turbine;
4) The kinetic energy conversion efficiency of the circulating water system;
5) The energy consumed by the valve when the valve is not opened.
6) The low flow rate meets the system requirements through the method of combining and then splitting.
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