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What to pay attention to when choosing a granulator

The performance of the granulator. According to the number of screws, the granulator can be divided into a single screw granulator and a twin screw granulator. When the single screw granulator is working, the plastic is conveyed forward in a spiral in the barrel. When the twin-screw granulator is working, the plastic is conveyed forward in a straight line in the barrel. According to the working principle, when the twin-screw machine is stopped, the material in the machine can be basically emptied. The single-screw machine can store a small amount of residual material. Most plastics can be pelletized.

      However, when making recycled plastics, due to the change of the screen mold surface, the material is easy to cut, and the effect of a single-screw machine is used; when making modified plastics, color masters, and mixed color pumping, the effects of the two machines are equal; for lengthening glass fiber, Only twin screw granulator can be used. In addition, in terms of machinery procurement costs and later production costs, single-screw granulation opportunities are much lower, while twin-screw granulators are at a significant disadvantage. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, it is necessary to select the corresponding equipment according to the different products produced by the enterprise.
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