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What is the technology of PET granulation

1. In terms of equipment, is it possible to granulate PET bottle flakes with twin screws:

Advantages: The output is 10-15% higher than that of a single screw, and the mixing and dispersion are good (PET does not need these two functions)

Disadvantages: During twin screw production, the internal pressure of the screw is relatively small, which affects the viscosity and transparency of the particles. In the production of bottle flakes, it is inevitable that no foreign objects enter the screw, and the probability of screw breakage will be greater.

2. In terms of technical formula, due to the increase in production volume, the product quality will be unstable.
On the contrary, some customers have sent samples from abroad, the color is yellowish, the impurities are over standard, the viscosity is indeed 0.03 less than the normal index, and the price is not easy to sell, so investors should know that what we are doing is to improve the quality than the output. This is the truth.

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