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What is the reason the electromagnetic heating temperature of the granulator does not go up

The electromagnetic heater of the granulator is applied to the plastic granulator, wire drawing machine, extruder, blow molding machine, etc., which can save customers a lot of electricity costs, so now in the plastic machine industry, it is Very popularized. What is the reason why the temperature of the electromagnetic heating energy-saving transformation of industrial water feeder does not rise?

1. Insufficient power: If the temperature of the newly refitted electromagnetic heater does not rise to the set temperature, except for other faults, it means that the power is insufficient; the other situation is that the temperature is reached when the material is not cut, but the material is down (especially water) The temperature drops, and the temperature cannot be heated up all the time. This is also the result of insufficient power. Therefore, when ordering an electromagnetic heater, you can ask clearly how much power needs to be configured to meet the requirements.

2. The position of the temperature control probe is inappropriate: the temperature control probe is generally installed in the middle of an electromagnetic heater coil without a coil; in addition, the probe cannot be wound with a coil to prevent the coil from directly heating the probe and generating false temperature. The distance to the probe should be at least 5CM. Remember that the temperature control probe cannot be directly inserted in the insulation cotton under the coil by drilling a hole, so that the probe does not touch the barrel and the temperature cannot be measured, and the magnetic field of the coil directly faces the probe. Heating, such temperatures are false temperatures, not the measured barrel temperature.

3. The temperature control probe is not installed properly: There are two types of temperature control probes that are commonly used now, one is spring-loaded, and the length of insertion should be adjusted according to the depth of the hole you drill on the barrel. If the probe is too short and does not touch the barrel, the temperature of the probe will be inaccurate and the temperature will not rise; the other is directly buttoned on the nut, and the nut needs to be welded on the barrel during this installation. The choice is that the nut should be suitable, not too thick or too thin, otherwise the probe will not touch the barrel when the button is up, and the temperature detection is also fake; it is best to drill a small recess in the barrel position when welding the nut, so that it can Make the contact surface of the probe larger and the probe temperature more accurate.

4. Temperature control line and temperature control meter quality problems: when the temperature is not accurate, it is the quality problem of the temperature probe line thermocouple or temperature probe meter. If there is a temperature failure, you can first try to replace the thermocouple or temperature control meter.

5. The setting of the temperature control meter is not appropriate: Sometimes the heating temperature can not rise because of the setting of the temperature control meter, the set calculus time is too short, and the temperature control meter control output frequently jumps, such as the heater jumps once per second. It stopped before it started, so the heating temperature would not rise. You can check the manual of your temperature control meter and set the normal value.
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