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What is the heating temperature for plastic granulation

Plastic granulation is a process of plastic mechanical processing. In the process of plastic granulation, it is necessary to explore the performance and practice of the machine and master the skills to continuously improve the quality and technology of plastic products.

The heating temperature depends on the softening point or melting temperature of the carrier resin. The higher the softening point or melting temperature of the carrier resin, the higher the heating temperature, which should generally be about 5°C higher than the melting temperature of the resin. If the heating temperature is too low, the resin cannot be fully melted, and the limited carrier resin cannot completely cover the inorganic powder. Voids appear in the rough surface of the masterbatch, and the resin and the inorganic powder cannot form a uniform system. If the heating temperature is too high, the additives are volatile, and the screw shearing force is reduced and it is not suitable for plasticization, which also affects the quality of the masterbatch.

In general, the temperature in zone two should be the highest temperature for granulation, zone one is about 10℃ lower than zone two, and zone three and zone four are basically the same as zone two, starting from zone five until the machine head presses 5-10°C The gradient gradually decreases.

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