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What is the difference in the quality of plastic pellet machine equipment in the market

What is the difference in the quality of plastic pellet machine equipment in the market?

For plastic supplier customers, how to choose a plastic pellet machine? Here we talk about the poor quality of plastic pellet machine in the market.

The price is different, the price of simple plastic pellet machine is between RMB 20,000 and RMB 80,000, and most of them are concentrated at RMB 30,000 to RMB 60,000. The price of regular granulator is between RMB 600,000 and RMB 500,000. The production line of mass production has a price of more than 120,000.

Different from the applicable market, the simple granulator is mainly used in the rural entrepreneurial market. Regular granulators are mainly used in large-scale individual factories, companies, and large enterprises.
Due to different configuration standards, the simple plastic pellet machine pursues low standards in terms of material selection and materials. For example, with a cylindrical non-standard reducer, the lowest-end 45# steel on the market is used as the screw material, and the 20# low-carbon steel is used as the barrel material. The heat treatment process is not performed, and the die is as simple as possible. Some brands of granulators, without motor and electronic control system, without any security protection settings. For the body and other parts, the lightest material is used.
Regular 5dnv plastic pellets are designed and processed according to GB23821-2009, GB12265.3-1997, JB/T8061-1996, 3C and other national and industrial standards, using hard tooth surface reducer, 38CrMoAlA alloy materials, nitriding, super audio and other heat treatment Process, install multiple safety measures.
The quality stability and service life are different. Simple, there is usually no shelf life after delivery, and there is no after-sales service. Plastic pellet machines have a life span of between 2 months and 1 year and usually have a wear life of only about 6 months. Factories usually use how many tons of material they can make as quality standards. For example, 500 tons, 800 tons and so on.
The regular granulator has stable quality and long service life. Generally, there is a warranty period of 6 months to one year, and there is a whole process tracking after-sales service. Plastic pellet machine life is usually calculated on an annual basis. The minimum screw wear period is generally 3 to 5 years. Some can reach 7 to 10 years.

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